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Civic and Voter education training in Quti Sazan village of Goldara

This program has conducted in Goldara district , Quti Sazan village

The program has started at 9:00 am and was continued till 11:00 am by participation of 40 Men and 40 women. First, purposes of the project and goals of holding of this program have described, then participants have introduced to each other. After that, detailed information was provided about election, rules of election, importance of election, participation of women in election, voting and civil responsibilities.

During the training, participants have shown interests about the subjects and shared their experiences on the election’s day

1 Holding of clear election in female part

2 Extensive participation of women in election

3 There was a satisfactory election in this village



1 Holding of clear election in male part

2 Some People said we vote and we hope to have security and job in future

3 The election was satisfied



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