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Civic education and Community dialogue 26 Qala-e-Naw district 13 Kabul

The program has been conducted for 30 female participant. The programs have been conducted in gathering saloon of district 13. Based on agenda, the program has been started. In the first session we have provided information about the history, democracy, election, human smuggling, and sexual abuses. Participants have shared their views which are pointed out in the below:

  • People are not familiar with the democracy culture,
  • The election principles should be observed,
  • People are being smuggled in many ways in Afghanistan,
  • Women are facing different types of sexual abuses,

In the second day we have conducted the social dialogue through which the people have shared their problems which are listed below:

  • Lack of clinic,
  • Poverty and unemployment,
  • Lack of drinking water,
  • Road traffic,
  • Insecurity and increase of addicted people,

Increase of addicted people, has been recognized as the main problem.

Police station authorities in district 13   was recognized responsible to solve the problem. Participants have complained about the lack of police attention about the issue. In the end, an advocacy group have been formed to follow up the problem.




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