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Second program of district level dialogue-Shakar dara

This program has been conducted in 4th July. 30 participants from 5 villages of Shakar dara district, (Haji Bakhshi, Haji Paik, Dawlatzai, Moshowani, and Jahansha) have participated in the program. The program has started with recite of Quarn Ayat. The participants have been introduced to each other. The head of advocacy group have delivered an explanatory presentation about the meaning of the advocacy.

First of all, they have pointed out the top problems of five villages, and then the top five problems have been pointed out. The advocacy group of 6 participants including 3 men, and 3 women has been selected. The participants have discussed about the problems and recommended solutions.


The dialogue environment was very good, and all participants were agreed that they can solve their problem with the help of residents and government. They have listed top 5 problems as shown below:

  • Lack of proper road to connect villages to district,
  • Lack of cold storages for keeping the agricultural products,
  • Lack of diary manufacturing facilities in Shakardara,
  • Lack of healthcare professionals in the district’s clininc,
  • Lack of electricity,


  • Lack of proper roads:

Solution: The district road has been survey, and its budget has been allocated. The district chief of police got the budget already. Participants have met the police chief and district governor. They emphasized that the issue should be followed up with the ministry of public works.

  • Lack of cold storages for keeping agricultural products:

According to participants, the cold storages have been constructed in Karez e Mir, but it is not inaugurated yet. The authorities do not consider the issue. Participants have met the relevant authorities, and suggested that ministry of public health should pay more attention to solve the issue.

  • Lack of diary manufacturing complex in Shakardara district:

Participants asked for establishment of diary manufacturing complex in Shakardara. The advocacy group members have met the local department of agriculture and emphasized that the ministry should plan to address the issue. They have also mentioned that this problem should be publicized through media.

  • Lack of professional healthcare personnel in the district clinic:

Regarding the above issue, advocacy group have met the local authorities to find a solution.

  • Lack of electricity:

Advocacy group met the local authorities to find a solution for the issue. They have emphasized that the issue should be seriously followed up with the local authorities and ministry of energy and water so that we get a result.

Lack of electricity has been recognized as the main problem.

Ministry of energy and water and influential villagers are being recognized responsible for the problem. People have criticized them for their poor performance in this regard. In the end, an advocacy group have been formed to follow up the problem.



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