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The 11th program of “Community Dialogue” in Shahrak-e Etefeaq 13th District

On July 19th the 11th  program of “Community Dialogue” was held by participant of 30 people in Shahrak-e Etefeaq 13th District. The meeting was started by explanation of Litigation and the purpose of community dialogue. Further, it was followed up by a group discussion on the problems and challenges of the village. Problems are listed as follows



  • Lack of School’s Building
  • Lack of Clinics
  • Lack of Drinkable Water
  • Robberies
  • Lack of Teachers for Fayz Mohammad Kateb School
  • Lack of Literacy Courses

After discussion and listing all the problems, people of this village suggested the coordination of the mentioned issues by the relevant Institutions. Lack of School’s Building, Lack of Clinics and Lack of Teachers for Fayz Mohammad Kateb School were bulleted as the main problems of the district. DSAWCO, noted the important problems to follow up with the District advocacy Group.

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