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Development and Support of Afghan women and children organization

Women and children have been suffered plenty of problems during the past years in Afghanistan but unfortunately the problems and the challenges of this part have not been considered good enough so far.
Although there are several NGOs which have been established to work for Afghan women and children but still it is needed to increase these organizations. Beside all activities that have been done for women and children, some points have been considered less such as access to healthful life and awareness of civil rights. Taking into account the other NGOs and organizations’ activities for women and children, this organization tries to facilitate the work and activity possibilities for women through introducing them to the people and organizations that are able to provide them work and salary in addition to necessary and preliminary legal instructions to families through holding training and vocational courses, and as well as by giving the preliminary possibilities to different workers will encourage them to get an independent work for her/him.
The DSAWCO will try to infiltrate inside the families and provide the instruction opportunity for all members of the family include of fathers and mothers. Giving legal awareness, establishing a good livelihood, access to education and platting for work and making job are the main goals of this organization.

Organization background:

DSAWCO started its activities after registered in ministry of economics number (2025)in (2011).the main establishers of this organization are some eager youths to work in different fields such as media rights ,administration and management and economics.
This organization has been registered in ministry of women affairs and ministry of public work affairs and has signed the cooperation agreement with the mentioned ministries. At the same time this organization is obligated to abide by the financial programs according to the ministry of finance policy.

The main objectives for establishment of this organization are as follow:
1.Holding legal awareness program and providing economical job opportunity for people, especially for women and children who are family caretaker.
2.Establishing different educational courses like English, Computer, Journalism and other vocational institutes like Carpentry, Tailor and etc. in order to reform skills or develop their capacity.
3.Trying to get information regarding women’s problems in Afghanistan and find suitable solution.
4.having contact with the children regarding their work and encouraging them for having a good life and god economic situation for better learning.
5.Bringing justice and equality among the classes in the society.
6.Helping and coordination with those national or international organizations which are trying to reform capacities and solve problems of Afghans especially women and children.

The Organization Formation:
The Organization has four sections and from these sections four people are working as Board of Directors.
Directorate:    Has the responsibility to control personnel’s activities as the director and also asks for weekly report.
Administrative and Finance Section:    This section controls the administrative and financial issues of the organization, providing the financial reports and sending it to the directorate for approval.
Legal Section: This section contain legal advisors and the members are University Teachers,  Defendant Advocates and Law Students who are participating in holding course, preparing proposals, legal issues and solve the problems of the applicants.
Planning and Public Liaison Section:    Besides searching for new financial sources to support the projects, this section has the responsibilities to organize the proposals, having external communication with Internal and external organizations and also has the responsibility to organize the programs which are going to be implemented and these plans must be approved by director and Board of Directors as well.
The people who prepared draft of the current project have adequate experience and awareness in the field of legal issues and media with a good character in the society level and having good relation in governmental and nongovernmental level, independent Medias, international organization in children and women affairs.


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