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Civic and Voter education training in Deh Naw Masjed Bala Village of Goldara

The program has conducted on January 9 in Guldara district, Baghay Deh Naw masjed Bala village. This program has started at 9:00 am and was continued till 11:00 am by participation of 40 women and 38 Men. First, purposes of the project and goals of holding of this program have described, then participants have introduced to each other. Later, detailed information was provided about election, rules of election, importance of election, participation of women in election, voting and civil responsibilities.

During the program, participants have shown interests about the discussed topics and shared the following subjects

1 women had many complaints about the management on election’s day

2 Female voters did not believe the result of the election

3 Women said that the election did not begin on time


1 Complaining of people from buying of the votes by the candidates Ajmal Rahmani and Khayr Khah

2 People have participated in election and were satisfied from the Commission staffs jobs

3 People said that Election Awareness Training was useful and want to prevent buying and selling the votes by powerful people



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