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Development and Support of Afghan women and children Organization (DSAWCO)

Statute Preface:

Women and children have been suffered plenty of problems during the past years in Afghanistan but unfortunately the problems and the challenges of this part have not been considered good enough so far.
Although there are several NGOs which have been established to work for Afghan women and children but still it is needed to increase these organizations. Beside all activities that have been done for women and children, some points have been considered less such as access to healthful life and awareness of civil rights. Taking into account the other NGOs and organizations’ activities for women and children, this organization tries to facilitate the work and activity possibilities for women through introducing them to the people and organizations that are able to provide them work and salary in addition to necessary and preliminary legal instructions to families through holding training and vocational courses, and as well as by giving the preliminary possibilities to different workers will encourage them to get an independent work for her/him.
The DSAWCO will try to infiltrate inside the families and provide the instruction opportunity for all members of the family include of fathers and mothers. Giving legal awareness, establishing a good livelihood, access to education and platting for work and making job are the main goals of this organization.

Part 1


Article 1:    This organization’s name is Development and Support of Afghan women and children Organization (DSAWCO).
Article 2:    This organization has a special stamp/logo and its activities period is unlimited.
Article 3:    This organization acts independently and does not depend to any party or any other organization.
Article 4:    This organization will launch legal instruction, legal protection, finding and providing job programs to eradicate the current poverty in the society, specially the families and cooperate them to get access to their rights.
Article 5:    capacity improvement and increasing of derelict women and caretaker children’s ability in getting self-sufficient is the main objective of this organization.
Article 6:    All activities and other programs will be launched by personal expense of the establishers and also by getting financial and non-financial aid from the international and national organizations. This organization will try to create some job projects for those who were participated in earlier instructive courses and also holding some instructive courses in which some of the people that has the ability will pay fee. And also after activating the legal section, the organization will charge some attorney fees against the cases besides, getting membership fee in deferent programs so that in future the organization should be self-sufficient and independent from the point of financial issues.



Article 7:    Holding instructive courses in different fields for the young and teenagers such as English Course, Computer Course, Radio/TV Announcer, Radio/TV directory, TV Editing and other vocational courses like Carpentry, Tailoring, Electricity, Shoe Making and etc.
Article 8:    Organizing the worker children and the children without caretaker through establishing instructive course like English, Computer, vocational instruction and assisting to find a better job.
Article 9:    Organizing the women who are caretakers of the family and those who wants to take part in family economy through holding instructive courses like; arraying, tailoring, flower making and knitting.

Article 10:    Holding instructive courses to prevent from women and children’s addiction to narcotics             and assisting them in betterment of their life.
Article 11:    Providing independent work opportunity for women and children who are caretakers of their family through the aids which have been supported by NGOs and international organizations in this field.

Article 12:    Providing Learning Course for those men and women who do not have the possibility to study at school.
Article 13:    Preparing legal instructive courses for women and children for their awareness of the constitutional rights in national and international level and also encourage them for their presence in political activities to achieve their political rights.

Article 14:    Establishing defense possibility for women, children and all people of the society who are suffering from difficulties and their rights are rotted, through providing lawyer and introducing them to the responsible authorities.

Article 15:    Giving advice/ consulting and supporting in different fields such as legal advice, family and marriage advice, psychic advice and etc.

Article 16:    Preparing TV and radio programs regarding women and children rights and plotting for its broadcasting in national and international Medias and at the same time giving the mentioned education to the talented teenagers and coordinate these people with the Medias to get employed.

Article 17:    Trying to establish equality and justice among all the level of the society from children, women to men and cooperation feel in families.

Article 18:    Establishing the branch in different province of the country.

Article 19:    This Organization is trying to have some programs in different situations so that through those programs it could organize its activities continuity and could be able to attain its Financial Independency after some times.


Formation, responsibilities and breakup

Article 20:    This organization is holding one director, one deputy; one secretary, one administration and finance guy, directorate, advisors and trainers and a few employees to other necessary sections will be hired as of needed. Some of the employees will have voluntary cooperation with this organization in case of necessity. The director, the deputy and the administration guy is selected in the general meeting which is held every six months and the duration of each position will be for one year.
Article 21:    The director has the general control of the organization and will be responsible for every activities of the organization.
Article 22:    The deputy will assist the director and in case of non-presence of the director he will be the acting director and supervise every parts of the organization.
Article 23:    As part of the executive cycle, the Administration and Finance guy will follow all issues related to the administration and contracts and at the same time he will be responsible to organize the internal work guideline for every section inside the organization.
Article 24:    Directorate is including of five people who are selected from the people out of the organization, but one of the establishers’ existences is obligatory in the board. The Directorate is the legal and authorized representative of the organization and will be able to interfere to all affairs in case of necessity.
Article 25:    The period for activity of the organization is presumed unlimited after be selected as Administration Manager and the property of the organization will be submitted to the similar organization or to the Ministry of Finance.


Work Plan:

Article 26:    Preparing an appropriate office with the first necessary possibilities for the activities of the organization.
Article 27:    creating a professional cadre for purpose of holding instructive classes and in case of necessity they will be trained in related sections to get information concerning the objectives of the organization.
Article 28:    Getting professional and experienced co-workers in other needed parts of the administration such as Information, Finance and Administration, Advisory, Preservation and etc.
Article 29:    Inscribing a working plan and an appropriate reporting system for the scrutiny of activities of the organization.
Article 30:    Inscribing a proper working plan for purpose of financial reporting ways from the expenditures of the organization and the received aids from the foreign donors.
Article 31:    Non stop trying to attract foreign donors and internal donors for financial sources and immaterial sources for development and attaining to the goals of the organization.
Article 32:    Inscribing plans for progress and development of the organization and its activities in long period and independency in financial source.
Article 33:    The other issues which were not mentioned in this statute, the organization is obligated to abide by every ratified code of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan specially the constitution and international treaties specially the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, convention on forbidding violation against women, Convention on Children Rights and the International Declaration of cultural, economic and social rights and the organization will try the best to gain the above mentioned goals.

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