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Civic education and Community dialogue 18 Dawlatzaie village_Shakar dara

The program has been conducted for 30 female participant hosted by DSAWCO in the house of a villager. Based on agenda, the program has been started. In the first session we have provided information about the history, democracy, and legislation power/legislation procedure. In the second session, we have discussed about the legislation power, human rights, election, and civil society. Participant shared their views which are pointed out in the below:

  • All citizen are responsible in a democratic society and they have to fulfill the responsibility.
  • Parliament should follow up the people’s problems,
  • All citizen should be equal and they must be able to defend their right.
  • Election should be conducted without corruption
  • Civil society support and cooperate us always, and we support them.

In the second day we have conducted the social dialogue through which the people have shared their problems which are listed below:

  • Lack of proper roads and streets,
  • Lack of electricity,
  • lack of religious schools,
  • unemployment, and poverty,
  • lack of female high school,
  • increase of addicted people,
  • lack of proper water canals,
  • lack of tailoring courses,
  • lack of proper yard buildings of schools,
  • lack of security,
  • Lack of saloon for women.

Lack of female high school, has been recognized as the main problem.

Ministry of education was recognized responsible to solve the problem. Participants have criticized the ministry of education for their poor performance and lack of a clear mission in this regard. In the end, an advocacy group have been formed to follow up the problem.




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