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Civic education and Community dialogue 28 Qala-e-Bahadorkhan district 6 Kabul

The program has been conducted for 22 female participant. The programs have been conducted in gathering saloon of the district. Based on agenda, the program has been started. In the first session we have provided information about the history, democracy, election, human smuggling, and sexual abuses. Participants have shared their views which are pointed out in the below:

  • People have to fulfill their responsibility as citizens based on law in the democratic society,
  • People should have full information about all the candidates to know whom to vote,
  • People are facing the issue of human smuggling, but they don’t know very much about the issue,
  • People facing more sexual abuse in developed countries,


In the second day we have conducted the social dialogue through which the people have shared their problems which are listed below:

  • Increase of dusts,
  • Lack of drinking water,
  • Increase of the level of abuses of girls,
  • Insecurity
  • Lack of high school and proper class and environment for students,

Lack of high school and proper class and environment for students, has been recognized as the main problem,

Ministry of education has been recognized as responsible organization to solve the problem. People have blamed the ministry for their poor performance in this regard. In the end, an advocacy group have been formed to follow up the problem.



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