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First program of district level dialogue-Paghman

According to our project MIP and agenda, First district level Dialogues have been held at Paqman .Participants discussed their main problems of their district.

Their main five problems have been listed as bellows:

1- Increase in garbage and luck of place for them:

Proposed solution: write official letter to Municipality and also people will do Public interaction   and communicate with responsible of Municipality to deliver garbage

2- Luck of daughter school in Eisa khil village

Proposed solution: we have place for school in village, they write official letter to free Afghanistan organization and after confirmation of village leaders ,share with them.

3- Deterioration of school walls and luck of expert teachers

Proposed solution: they will communicate with education department in paghman district to solve this problem

4- Lack of facilities in paghman main clinic

Proposed solution: we will share this problem with media and press conferences to make responsible MOH

5- Luck of job opportunities for female

Proposed solution: we will meet charity organization at Paqman district and request of them to conduct tailoring, hand craft and…  Courses

.At the end they established one advocacy group with 5 members.3 men and 2 women for make advocacy action plan and follow up it from August months by support of DSAWCO.


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