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Press conferment (The role of media in decreasing or increasing the violence against women)

A press conference on research (role of media in increasing/decreasing the violence against women) was held in office of civil society and human rights network in 27, 09, and 2017. International and national media, and advocacy group has participated in the press conference.

In the beginning, Ms. Sepehr has provided detailed information about the aim of research and the methodology of selecting the research topic. Following that, Mr.Hayat Ensafi has delivered comprehensive information about the research findings, research methodology, and its recommendations.  The press release has been read by Ms.Jamila Aziz. Mr. Sakhida Nasiri, who is one of advocacy group member have provided information about the aim of forming the advocacy group and the its activity report to the media. In the end, the question and answer session has been conducted.

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