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The 19th and 20th programs of “Civic Education” Deh Miana village of Goldara

The 19th and 20th programs of “Civic Education” were held in Deh Miana village of Goldara District for 60 participant men and women in separate classes.

This program was started at 8:30 am to 3:00 pm and lasted for one day.

First, the purposes of the project and holding of the program were explained to the participants. Then, some topics such as history of Afghanistan, Democracy, Election, Human Rights, Trafficking, and Sexual Harassment with detailed information were provided. In addition, the opinion of the participants was heard about each topic.

In the course of the training the raised topics were discussed that the summary of their experience and opinion are listed as follows:




  • People discussed about Democracy and its components, and share their experiences of Democracy.
  • Participants discussed about Election of Afghanistan and importance of it in practice and establishment of Democracy.
  • From the participants perspective Civil Society and Human Rights should be discussed more between the people, to make people more aware of these concepts.
  • Participants share their idea and experiences about smuggling, smuggling groups and the purposes of human trafficking.
  • Sexual Harassment changes to a culture, collective effort should be done for eliminating this issue.



Further, Women discussed about 4 topics as they experience

  • All the people should participate in election and vote for who that deserves it.
  • In this village most of the people are members of Civil Society, and did many civil activities to solve the problems.
  • Sexual Harassment changes to a global problem. But in Afghanistan it changes to a challenge, people should be given more awareness about this issue.
  • For eliminating the human trafficking issue, government should provide job opportunity for youths, and government should have more attention to this issue.

At the end of the meeting the discussions and opinions of the participants were concluded

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