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The 21st and 22th programs of Civic Education in Shahrak-e Etefaq, 13th District

The 21st and 22th programs of Civic Education were held in Shahrak-e Etefaq, 13th District for 60 people for men and women in separate classes.

This program was started at 8:30 am to 3:00 pm and lasted for one day.

First, the purposes of the project and holding of the program were explained to the participants and the participants were introduced. Then, some topics such as history of Afghanistan, Democracy, Election, Human Rights, Trafficking, and Sexual Harassment with detailed information were provided. In addition, the opinion of the participants was heard about each topic.




In the course of the training the raised topics were discussed that the summary of their experience and opinion are listed as follows:


1)         People discussed about Democracy and its components, and they want more information about Democracy to be provided for people.

2)         The wide participation of people in election has been appreciated, but they want  their problems to be considered more by government.

3)         People expressed their opinion on Human Rights and Civil Society and called them correlated to each other.

4)         They named, Sexual Harassment as a bad culture and insisted that people should stand against that for its elimination.

5)         They also wanted the time and the session of the lecture to be increased.




Additionally, Women discussed about 4 main topics:

    • People should vote for the candidates that have enough information about.
    • More information about Human Rights should be provided to people via Media and Social Institutions, because people are not enough aware of Human Rights specially Women Rights.
    • For eliminating the Human Trafficking, providing security and job opportunity for youths is the best option.


    • Sexual Harassment has changed to a culture in Afghanistan and a specific organization should work for reducing it, and victim’s blames should be heard.


The meeting has ended by a conclusion of the participant’s opinions and discussions.

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