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Implementing first advocacy activity in Paghman-District level

According to the project plan of ACEP and civil education and social dialogue program of DAWSCO, team have conducted a meeting with six member of advocacy group to make a working plan to address the 3 main problem of Paghman district including lack of reasonable area for dust bins. The advocacy group had suggested that […]

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The programs of Meetings for formation of Advocacy groups from Paghman-Shakardara-Kabul

Advocacy group 1 Based on ACEP project’s working plan, DAWSCO held an advocacy meeting program in Paghman district in August-03-2017. 8 people of 5 villages, who are member of advocacy group of the district, have participated in the meeting. Firstly, the team has explained the aim of forming the advocacy group, and participants have discussed […]

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Provincial dialogue Kabul

According to our project MIP and agenda, provincial level Dialogues have been held at Almas qarb Hotel in Kabul city that participants were from 3 districts Paqman, Shakar Dara and Kabul .Participants discussed their main joint problems of Kabul province. Their main five problems have been listed as bellows: 1- Luck of health clinics Proposed […]

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Third program of district level dialogue-Kabul

According to our project MIP and agenda, second district level Dialogues have been held at Kabul .Participants discussed their main problems of their district. Their main five problems have been listed as bellows: 1- Luck of schools in 5,6 and 13 districts Proposed solution: meeting with responsible person in MOE or parliament members 2- Increasing […]

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Second program of district level dialogue-Shakar dara

This program has been conducted in 4th July. 30 participants from 5 villages of Shakar dara district, (Haji Bakhshi, Haji Paik, Dawlatzai, Moshowani, and Jahansha) have participated in the program. The program has started with recite of Quarn Ayat. The participants have been introduced to each other. The head of advocacy group have delivered an […]

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